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A Beginner’s Guide to Zorayr Mikael Manukyan-zakaryan

Zoraya Mikael Manukyan-zakaryan is one of the most prominent Armenian poets and writers. He was born in Gyumri, Armenia.

In his early literature career, he was an activist for the people of Armenia. He also wrote poems about Armenians in a refugee camp and their feelings of sorrow after they escaped the Genocide in 1915 that happened in the Ottoman Empire.

Later on, he became more interested in writing short stories. This led to him being included in a group of contributors who were writing short stories for the Soviet Armenian newspapers “Nor Hayastan” (New Armenia) and “Gandzha Shtime” (Soviet Azerbaijan).

Zorayr Mikael Manukyan-Zakaryan is a writer, poet and philosopher. He was born in 1976 in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from the Moscow State University with a degree in philosophy and from the Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Zorayr published his first book “Poems” in 2008 which won the Poetry Prize of Armenia in 2007. His poems were translated into English, Russian and Azerbaijani languages.

Zorayr is a former Armenian soldier who turned a life of violence into a love for music. His story is one of survival, passion, and perseverance.

He was born in Armenia in the 1980s when it was still part of the Soviet Union. He and his family were displaced to neighboring Georgia during the war with Azerbaijan. As a teenager, Zorayr became involved in criminal activity, where he was arrested and imprisoned following a raid on his home by Georgian police forces.

In prison, it was through music that he found solace from the violent environment around him; composing songs on scraps of paper that he found scattered about his cell floor .

While incarcerated, he composed over 40 songs which would later be released as an album titled ‘A military band from hell’.

Upon release from prison in 2009, Zorayr returned to Armenia for good and began performing at local venues before eventually joining Yerevan’s Movses Pogosyan Theatre

Zorayr Mikael Manukyan-zakaryan is a self-taught Armenian painter and sculptor. He was born in 1973, in the village of Tumanian. His paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations are characterized with a keen sense for the beauty of nature and an eye for detail.

His paintings are mainly about nature, its elements – water, earth, fire and air – and the human relationship to it. His work is fanciful and depicts plants, animals or humans living among them.

Zorayr, the author of this website, is a 21-year-old who is currently working in Singapore as a content writer.

This website is dedicated to providing information and insights on Zorayr Mikael Manukyan-zakaryan’s life and his work. The goal of this site is to create an interactive platform where people can learn more about him and his writing journey.

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