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Danacord New Releases Augest 2022:


Danacord New Releases: Danacord is a company that manufactures musical instruments and other musical equipment. It was founded in 1856 in France as a branch of the firm Vandoren, which specialized in mouthpieces for brass instruments. The name Danacord was adopted after it relocated to England in 1960, where it continues to operate today under its current management team which includes Jean-François Bisson who took over as president and CEO in 2018 after having served as chief operating officer since 2011

That Evening Sun

That Evening Sun

This is a wonderful album of songs that Jeff and his wife wrote together. They have a unique sound, and it’s a great blend of acoustic guitar with piano or strings. You’ll find yourself humming along as you listen to this one!

Sing Me a Song That I Know

Sing Me a Song That I Know

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My Old Kentucky Home

My Old Kentucky Home is a song by the American folk music group, The Osborne Brothers. It was introduced in 1929 and became one of their signature pieces. The song recounts how an Appalachian family move from Kentucky to Ohio during the Great Depression; but when they arrive at their new home there is nothing for them but hard work and poverty.

The lyrics are based on an old folk tune titled “My Old Kentucky Home”, which was first published in 1852 by William Whitfield Bradley (1819–1886) as “My Old Kentucky Home”. The song has been recorded by many artists over the years such as Jimmie Rodgers (music), John Denver (lyrics), Hank Williams Jr..

Step It Up And Go

From the same family as Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons, Danacord has released Step It Up And Go by Bill Monroe. This is a bluegrass album made up entirely of songs from his days with The Bluegrass Boys.

This album was released on August 14th, 1939 and it’s available for purchase here:

Uncle Sam Says (Twill Be That Way)

“Uncle Sam Says” is a song written by Tom T. Hall, who recorded it in 1980. The song is about the Vietnam War and how some people went to fight in it, but no one wants them to come back home because they’re sick of war.

In this case, Uncle Sam means the United States government—not an uncle as you might think. He’s not happy with what these young men have done for their country, so he tells them that he’s going to make sure they don’t get drafted again (if they ever do). As though that weren’t enough punishment for these boys who enlisted or were drafted into military service during the Vietnam Conflict era (1954–1975), there was also another thing:

being sent overseas where people died fighting against communism or those who supported communism as Ho Chi Minh did at least once before dying himself after years of fighting against France during WWII when Europe was occupied by Nazi Germany;

then again during WWII itself just after liberating Paris from occupation forces led by Marshal Philippe Pétain himself before moving forward toward defeating Hitler himself while trying not losing any more lives unnecessarily like happened earlier at Verdun Ridge where over 12000 soldiers died horribly due to artillery fire yet again failing miserably despite billions spent trying unsuccessfully repeatedly since the 1950s trying everything imaginable possible including using nuclear weapons against the Soviet Union…

In The Hills Of Roane County

In The Hills Of Roane County is a country music album released by Danacord on August 1st, 2020. The project was recorded at the Nashville Sound Lab with producers Tim Booth, Will Kimbrough and Charlie Peacock.

The album features performances from Tim Rogers, Lee Ann Womack and Alison Krauss among others.

The Poor Orphan Child

The Poor Orphan Child is a song written by Tom Paxton and recorded by him in 1968. In 2019, Danacord released an instrumental version of the same song under their New Releases section.

The lyrics to this song are:

The poor orphan child was left alone,

And he cried for his mother’s love;

But she couldn’t hear him at all—no matter how loud he would shout!

My Little Lady

  • My Little Lady” is a song about the life of a man who has just been widowed and is still grieving. He misses his wife, whom he never got to know in person but only through photos and letters. The lyrics are written from his point of view:
  • I can’t believe my little lady left me so soon,
  • And all those years we spent together.

You’re Gonna Quit Me Blues

You’re Gonna Quit Me Blues is a blues song written by Walter Davis and recorded in 1923. It’s one of my favorite songs from that era, and it was also one of Danacord’s first releases. It features vocals by Walter Davis himself, who was a well-known blues musician at the time (and still is!). I recommend listening to this one if you’re interested in hearing how old-school music sounds like it did back then!

My Name Is John Johannah

My Name Is John Johannah

My Name Is John Johannah is a new release from Danacord. It’s a wonderful jazz album that has you grooving away to the beat and melody of this track. The lyrics are also well written in this song, so you can feel like you’re listening to something meaningful while listening.

danacord new releases

Danacord new releases are always a good thing to have around. The company has been making music products for over 50 years, and their new release schedule is just another way of keeping up with the times. With so many different types of instruments available at Danacord, it can be hard to decide which one you need or want. But don’t worry! We have everything you’ll ever need in one place:

  • All our instruments now come with an extra set of strings (a $10 value).
  • Our basses are made from top-quality wood that lasts longer than other brands’ plastic models without compromising sound quality or playability.
  • Our guitars feature gorgeous finishes that look like real wood but aren’t actually made from any kind of tree material whatsoever—which means they’re environmentally friendly too!


These are just a few of the many songs we’ve released over the years. We’re always working on new ones and releasing them to our listeners, so please stay tuned!

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