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Get your designer glasses the next day of your order :

Do you get your deliveries within the next day on your order? Have you thought that you order your glasses and you get delivered within the next day? This sounds great, right? Well, it is happening with some brands that they are using their best services to provide their customers the glasses on the very next day of their orders. This has helped many people to experience a clear vision as soon as they experience difficulties in their vision.

Specscart is one of those to be mentioned who provides their best services to the customers when they get glasses the very next day of their order. Hence order next-day glasses and experience their fast shipping, free coatings, and home trial with 4 frames and 3 lenses. Hence it is easy for anyone to get their glasses within the next day of their order.

Not only in regular glasses, but they also try to provide the best regarding their prescription glasses. Their customer service is amazing and one can avail them both online and offline. They provide various offers online and one can avail of the offers and get their glasses the next day of their order.

Glasses For Fashion And Protection

Since glasses are very much a part of fashion today, people love to style with the latest frames. They love to follow the latest styles and trends, trending on social media, worn by various celebrities and social media influencers who inspire people to create their looks with various types of glasses.

Not only glasses are for fashion, but glasses are for protection too. They protect the eyes in various ways, the most important among them is to help a person see clearly with glasses. With the right prescription glasses, one will be able to experience clear and perfect vision and also will look stylish.

Types of Lenses

Glasses come with various types of lenses that are required by many people in different ways. These lenses help to keep the eyes safe and protected. It is very important that our eyes stay safe and protected and also they protect the eyes from various external factors and can also be used as a style statement.

For example- With the blue light lens the glasses help to protect the eyes from the harmful blue light that is emitted from the screens and damages our eyes. Since most of the work involves screens, people have to spend more hours sitting there and their eyes get exposed to harmful blue light. Thus one can buy designer glasses with blue light lenses and enjoy their work freely without the tension of any eye damage.


Again in transition lenses, one gets the advantage of both glasses and sunglasses within one range. People who love to wear both glasses and sunglasses, but do not like to carry two pairs of eyewear must try the transition lenses. This will help the person to experience dual features in one glass. Transition lenses are the ones that change the colour of the lenses automatically depending on the light condition. When there is more light, the darker the glasses lens and it acts as sunglasses. When there is little light, the transition lenses act as usual glasses. Hence these lenses are useful to men and women in various ways.

There are other types of lenses that help to keep the eyes safe and protected. Not only do they help to keep the eyes safe and protected but also help a person to keep themselves updated with the latest style and trends.

Frames For Men And Women

There are various frames for men and women that they can wear with different lenses and protect the eyes in the best possible way. Let us look at the frames that help to protect the eyes from various factors.

  • Cat-Eye Glasses- These are one of the most popular frames for women. Women love to wear these frames as these frames are available in various versions, from funky to bold, elegant to gorgeous, these glasses have them all. Females can wear each pair on different occasions and moods and look great. They are available in rimless, full-rimmed, half-rimmed, oversized, and rimless. Thus they provide a variety of options for every female.
  • Aviator Glasses- These are one of the most highly demanded glasses for men. From the very beginning of their discovery, these glasses have earned a place in the hearts of people. Though they were made only for professionals, as days passed by the aviator glasses became the favourites of all. Every man started wearing them apart from the navy and the pilots. These glasses have gone through various transformations from the first day up to today and each is loved by people and has been accepted widely.

Thus the above are some of the frames and lenses that are being used by the eyewear industry for style and profession. There are a lot more but these are some basics that everyone should know about and take proper precautions against it.

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