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Here are some details about the Boodskap platform

A brief overview of the mission, purpose, structure, and structure of Boodskap

Boodskap is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform company based in Dallas, TX. With this platform, businesses can rapidly connect hardware devices and create connected applications in an efficient and cost-effective way. The mission of our company is to build next-generation platforms for the Internet of Things.

With Boodskap’s platform, customers have access to the latest and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain.

Keeping up with technological advancements is always our top priority. R&D and educational programs are heavily invested in by Boodskap Labs.


As founding team members of Boodskap, we have worked for some of the most exciting companies and clients such as IBM, UBS, Deloitte, StarTrak, Orbcomm, Mediacom, and others. Over that time period, we have built some of the most robust and mission-critical M2M/IoT applications used by 100s of customers in Cold-Chain, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Transportation, Fleet Monitoring, Vehicle & Person Tracking, etc.

Boodskap Platform Architecture

An ecosystem that is truly multi-vertical and out-of-the-box

As IoT deployment requirements become more complex, the supporting platform needs to be able to provide a greater level of flexibility. It’s here that Boodskap’s fully integrated platform differentiates itself from the competition. IoT operations are covered in a much broader scope than mere applications or middleware platforms.

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Most developers just redo the stuff rather than create a reusable package out of it because there are so many aspects of an application that are agnostic to industry or solution. Plugins or context objects or modules are created to address the industry’s common problems in a very modular manner.

As an example, sending an SMS is a simple one-line action item, but underneath the provider like Tropo, Twilio, SMS Country, etc… They all have different APIs; the platform has a notification module with the same API for all providers, so you can quickly implement and support your global implementation by simply adding new providers behind the scenes without affecting the existing ones.

In addition to presenting some of your derived content as visual elements on your dashboard, mobile, kiosk, etc… With Boodskap’s widget framework, you can develop multiple widgets and drag & drop them across your interface to reuse them effectively.


Streamline IoT development and operations with frictionless IoT solutions

Using Ready-to-Connect Solutions, Boodskap streamlines the development, deployment, and operation of large-scale IoT solutions, increasing security, adding business flexibility, and lowering overall costs.

No, You can easily solve any problem using the platform no matter what it is. Whether it is a large-volume data problem, a high-speed data problem, complex computations, analytics, machine learning, etc… You can access a wide range of APIs and context objects to address most of your complex logic needs. In the developer console, you can intercept live data using powerful live debugging and monitoring tools

Live machine data can be seamlessly integrated with enterprise applications thanks to the platform’s integrated connectors, which you can pick and choose according to your environment. Data feeds/streams can be integrated into your infrastructure in real-time

APIs can be extended and utilized in over 30 different programming languages of your choice, so there is no steep learning curve.


There are several things that make up the IoT; it’s not just one thing.

The Boodskap IoT platform can deliver dramatic improvements in business and process efficiency and responsiveness, and extend operations across international borders. With our platform, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, application developers, and solution providers can expand their product-as-a-service portfolios and build closer customer relationships.

As IoT systems mature, the complexity of maintaining interoperable compatibility increases to a greater extent with the integration of 3rd party services and internal enterprise data. It is very simple for Boodskap to deal with such intricate complexities. We maintain multiple versions of the dependencies and update them frequently while maintaining backward compatibility

As new tools and services emerge on the market, our platform plugin team keeps up with industry trends and releases new functionality as soon as possible. The platform works with several such vendors and continuously releases unified APIs and plugins to enable access to these solutions for many interesting and intuitive industry problems. In addition to keeping your codebase simple and readable, you can choose from multiple providers without having to change anything you have already built.

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