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How to fix “Message Blocking is Active” on Android and iPhone:


Do you keep getting a “Message Blocking is Active” error message when trying to send or receive text messages on your Android or iPhone? This article will help you determine why that’s happening and how to make sure the error doesn’t happen again.

Message Blocking is Active on Android:

Message Blocking is a feature that prevents spam messages from being delivered to your phone. Some phones come with message blocking enabled by default, so if you’re getting the “Message Blocking is Active” error and don’t think you’ve turned it on yourself, check your phone’s settings to see if you can disable it there.

If message blocking isn’t enabled by default on your phone (and even if it is), don’t worry: Message Blocking isn’t a virus or malware and won’t cause any damage to your device. Instead, this error typically stems from an incorrect setting in your device’s software updates. If you recently updated the operating system of either an Android or iPhone device, try turning off airplane mode then restarting both devices before trying again – this should solve most cases of this issue!

Message Blocking is Active on iPhone

Message Blocking is Active

This error can occur when you have the message blocking option turned on in your device settings. The reasons for this may be that you have blacklisted numbers, or they’ve been blocked by your carrier. If so, the way to fix this error is to unblock those numbers and try again.

Here are some other things you could do:

  • If it’s your iPhone 6/7 series phone that are experiencing messaging issues, try a different SIM card. If it’s still not working, then contact Apple Support as they might be able to help with resolving the issue by resetting their device or turning off their phone for a few minutes before turning it back on again

Contact your carrier for more help

If you’re still having trouble getting your messages through, contact your carrier for more help.

The reasons for the “Message blocking active” error can vary depending on your phone and carrier.

The message blocking error can be caused by a number of factors. It can be caused by the phone itself, the carrier, or even the app developer. The error could also be caused by a specific app on your device.


As we have seen from the various ways you can fix this error, the reasons for it can vary quite a bit depending on your phone and carrier. It is always a good idea to have mobile data turned on in case you cannot send messages over WiFi or cellular.

This error can be frustrating, but hopefully, with this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to fix it quickly and get back to communicating as usual. Happy messaging!

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