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Here’s How to Optimize RAM Usage on Mac for an Improved Gaming Experience

You need to free up your RAM to optimize your gaming experience. The world of virtual gaming is fascinating, but it can only be achieved through freed-up RAM. There are several ways in which you can increase the efficiency of your MacBook. RAM is essential for multitasking. Suppose you are using the same MacBook for work as well. You need to make sure there is enough space.

Here we will be talking about how to lower ram usage on Mac. It can become frustrating for a gamer to work on an overloaded MacBook with low memory. If you have started experiencing your laptop not working as it used to, this is the blog you should read. Fix the system application memory

Apps like Google Chrome and Safari often occupy Mac memory usage. Several apps and websites can slow down your computer.

Check RAM Usage on Mac

The first thing that you should do is check RAM usage on your MacMac. For that, please open Activity from the list of applications. This can be done in Mac’s control center, via the Finder in your Dock, or by pressing ⌘ + Space and typing Activity Monitor in the Spotlight. After that, toggle to the memory pane in the Activity Monitor Window. Activity Monitor will likely show you all the running processes and sub-processes and how they eat up the memory. You can monitor Mac’s memory use via iStat Menus.          

After the installation, it creates a home in Mac’s menu bar and monitors almost everything, such as memory, CPU, GPU, disks, and network usage. You can choose the systems that you want to monitor in the application. The items you monitor will also have an icon in the menu bar. If you click on the menu bar, you will see a drop-down that shows how your MacMac is performing, and hovering over each graphic will give you more insight. You can then continue with the inspection.

How to Check CPU Usage on Mac?

You need to check CPU use on your MacBook. It is pretty similar to checking memory use. For the activity monitor, you must highlight the window’s CPU section. iStat menus have a CPU & GPU toggle just above the memory section. We recommend activating the same as it adds a CPU and GPU monitor to the Mac menu bar. It has similar interactivity as the memory icon as well as the menu.

But what are the CPU Hogging Problems?

Each MacBook has a processor that handles the computing of tasks. It starts from opening an application to editing photos. Processors also differ in power, efficiency, and more. One of the best ways to tame it is App Tamer. It is a great CPU manager. It shows the exact CPU percentage and battery impact and helps you create simple rules to prevent processes from slowing down your MacBook. “Slow down this app if it uses more than” and specify the particular CPU percentage.

Utilize Apple’s built-in optimization tool: Apple’s built-in optimization tool offers basic recommendations to up the MacBook’s performance via storage control. This will help you clear some space for your games.

Choose the Apple Menu > About This Mac > Storage.

Press the Manage Button.

In the sidebar, choose Recommendations.

Try to remove the unused apps as much as you can: If there are apps that you do not use that much, please remove them so that you can use the space for gaming.

Go to a new Finder window.

Select Applications from the left sidebar.

Now go through and locate apps that you want to remove.

Right-click and select Move to Trash.

Check for resource-heavy apps: We recommend you check that they are resource-hungry. Close them down so you can optimize the laptop’s gaming efficiency.

Open a Finder > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.

Select the CPU tab, then sort by %CPU.

Resource-draining apps will be at the top of the list; select an item and press the “X” to terminate it.

Delete desktop clutter: You can use this feature to make sure that your gaming experience is maximized. It will help you keep the files organized in groups, thus decreasing clutter and helping it to remain clean. Click anywhere on your Desktop > Use Stacks. 

Disable login items: If you want to use it for gaming, you must ease its workload. You must select the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Users & Accounts.

Now, select the Login Items tab and choose your account.

Press the lock icon to make changes at the bottom.

Search through the programs and please remove any apps by pressing “-.”

You can also use the CleanMyMac X app to manage the login items.


So, to wrap it up, you need to check the status of disk usage, clean the clutter, disable the OS X features, stop applications that start automatically, close all the apps and menu bar apps, configure game settings, check the activity monitor and update the software from time to time. Upgrade the RAM if required. You can also try upgrading your HDD or SSD.

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