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Imginn: How to Download Instagram Stories and Videos 2022

Imginn is a tool that allows users to download Instagram Stories and videos 2022 to their computer, and then share them on other platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

This article will tell you the benefits of using Imginn and how it works so that you can start using it today.

If you have an Instagram account, then you may be wondering when Instagram story downloads became possible. Well, the answer is pretty simple: they haven’t. This has left many people in despair over not being able to save their favorite memories from social media easily for themselves and share them with others. Fortunately, Imginn has stepped in with a solution that provides this capability for free.

Imginn is a new clip sharing app that allows users to download Instagram Stories and Videos.

One of the first use cases of this app was a user who wanted to transfer their live stories and videos to their computer.

Imginn is only available for Android devices right now and there are 2 modes:

1) Imginn creates a video file of your Stories and Videos on your phone’s internal memory or SD card, it does this by taking screenshots at regular intervals which can be downloaded in the background.

2) Imginn will create an apk (Android application package) file which you can install on any Android device. This article will show you how to do both options

Imginn is a free app that allows you to save and download Instagram stories and videos.

People who want to share something on Instagram but don’t have the time or inclination can simply save it with Imginn. You can also use Imginn to take video screenshots, which are a convenient way of saving a video without having to actively record it.

Downloading the stories and videos on Instagram helps to save them in the best condition.

Downloading Instagram Stories and Videos:

Launch Imginn App.

Go to the Stories or Videos Section.

Select a Story or Video and Tap the Download Option.

You will be able to see the download progress in the bottom of your screen.

Imginn is a free android app that can be downloaded to your phone. The app allows you to download Instagram videos and stories.

How does it work? Imginn is an android app with the ability to download Instagram videos and stories. You simply open the app, enter the username of the person you want to download from, wait for the video or story to load, click on the icon of a rectangle with an arrow pointing up, then wait for it to start downloading.

Who can use Imginn? Imginn is currently in development mode but will be available worldwide soon.

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