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How Digitalization Is Transforming The Creative Mobile Advertising Industry:

The increasing digitalization of almost every aspect of daily life is having a monumental impact on the advertising industry. There is a logical reason for this – people are spending more of their time in the digital realm and are using the internet for a wide variety of tasks. These range from in-car navigation to banking, communication, and event ticketing. 

Of course, the form of marketing that has felt the direct impact of this more than any other variety is mobile advertising because people are relying far more heavily on their devices to complete tasks and enjoy downtime. 

Therefore, it is a wise move to focus your digital advertising efforts on mobile devices to ensure that you are maximizing your brand exposure. 

Naturally, the effect that digitalization is having on mobile advertising is no secret, which is why it is imperative that you make your advertising as creative as possible, and you can do this alone or with the assistance of a mobile advertising company. Your prospects are human beings, so you have to ensure that your creative mobile advertising is original, surprising, and appeals to the human, not just the algorithms. 

This is how digitization is transforming the creative mobile advertising industry:

What is mobile advertising?

As the name suggests, creative mobile advertising is a form of digital advertising that takes place on mobile devices – such as smartphones. This is an increasingly prevalent form of advertising due to the boom in smartphone usage.

The evidence of this fundamental shift in consumer behavior is everywhere. Whether you are spending a free five minutes scrolling on your phone, using it to pay for train tickets, upload a photo to social media, or order food, the mobile web experience dominates modern society.

This has, of course, coincided with a rise in remote working practices, which is only set to skew people’s reliance on mobile devices further in the coming years. 

Mobile advertising is rising in relevance as a result. Major brands are quickly realizing this, which has led to a mobile web experience that is dominated by ads. Naturally, this has the opposite effect as intended, overwhelming individual users and leading to mobile advertising apathy.

To utterly stand out from the crowd and make sure that your mobile ads perform well, you need to be creative with your content. This could mean combining different forms of media (i.e., video and text) or simply being more targeted in your approach. 

If you want to guarantee that your ads are effective, then you need to regularly check how they are performing through mobile advertising attribution. By measuring the performance of each mobile ad, you can see what works and what doesn’t with your audience. You can therefore tweak the ads until they are finely tuned to your target market, improving the effectiveness of the ad as a result. You can also engage the services of a mobile advertising company.

How effective is mobile advertising?

When it is executed properly, creative mobile advertising can be immensely powerful. Not only can mobile ads position your brand in front of an increasingly vast audience, but you can place your company at the heart of the mobile web experience. 

For example, with programmatic creative advertising, you can venture far beyond conventional mobile banner advertising by producing interactive marketing that places the user at the heart of the marketing experience. 

Not only is this far more interesting (and therefore likely to be noticed by your target audience) than more conventional advertising formats, but it is more memorable, too. You are likely to click through to a brand’s website if they stimulate your mind or gain your full attention for more than a few seconds – especially when compared to rival brands that stick to a more traditional advertising campaign.

Of course, mobile advertising is also effective because of technological breakthroughs that allow your advertising content to be delivered in a wholly more efficient way. This makes it easier to target certain audiences, tailor ads to individuals or demographics, and deliver the ads more quickly.

Indeed, being able to rapidly deliver creative mobile advertising campaigns helps to improve the agility of your organization and ensure you are always staying ahead of the competition. 

Ultimately, creative mobile advertising might offer tremendous potential for your digital marketing strategy, but it will remain mere potential unless you execute it properly. Many mobile consumers find digital advertising intrusive, which means your ads can backfire if you don’t find the right angle or aren’t creative enough with your campaign. 

To prevent this from happening, you need to invest heavily in researching your target market. The only way to land substantial click-through rates is to inherently understand who it is you are talking to – especially now that you can tailor ads to individuals. 

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