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New CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk? Billionaire Secures $7 Billion From Investors,

Now, it appears like the new rumor concerning Elon being Twitter’s new chief operating officer is going to be another issue. Here’s how it will happen. Elon Musk as New Twitter CEO? According to CNBC’s latest report, there is a high likelihood that Musk is going to be the ensuing Twitter’s chief operating officer. But, if this happens, it’ll solely be temporary.

Elon Musk as New Twitter CEO?

Wealthy person secures $7 Billion From Investors (Photo: Image by Dimitrios Tambourine/Getty pictures for The Met Museum/Vogue) NEW YORK, NY—could 02: Elon Musk attends The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating “In America: Associate in Nursing compendium of Fashion” at The Metropolitan deposit of Art on could 02, 2022 in NY town.

Elon Musk New Profile:

Elon Musk’s New Twitter Profile results in Ape Coin Surge! Did the wealthy person purchase a Bored Ape NFT? Anonymous sources claimed that this might happen once the wealthy person completes his $44 billion takeovers of the enormous social media website. Based on the newest SEC filing, it appears like Musk is obtaining with reference to his goal.

Tesla’s chief operating officer

The Daily Mail, United Kingdom reportable that the Tesla chief operating officer may secure around $7 billion from eighteen investors. Musk aforementioned that one of all the investors that helped him along with his latest funding is Larry Elision, Associate in Nursing Oracle firm co-founder, World Health Organization, provided around $1 billion.

Twitter chief operating officer Parag Agrawal

Aside from this, alternative investors, like redwood Capital, Brookfield, and Qatari Holding, additionally broke in to realize that Will Parag Agrawal permit It? Twitter chief operating officer Parag Agrawal hasn’t confirmed if he’s against or okay with Elon Musk usurping because of the new chief military officer.

POTUS Donald Trump

As of writing, Parag has been handling Twitter for simply some months once Jack Dorsey stepped down from being the social media platform’s chief operating officer back in November 2021. Since there are loads of things happening with Twitter, even Agrawal is currently unsure concerning ensuing activities on the platform, like the come of former POTUS Donald Trump.

Musk’s Twitter partner’s

Although this can be the case, the Twitter chief operating officer is doing his best to extend the daily active users of the platform, in addition, to bringing a new product to shoppers. Meanwhile, Elon Musk aforementioned that he plans to create Twitter public once more. On the opposite hand, Musk’s Twitter partner’s whole investigation can shortly happen.

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