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The smartphone industry is a highly competitive one and so are the companies that produce it, but for this article, I want to discuss two things that are unique about our company and what will be in their future. For those of you who don’t know us, we as an agency have been producing design and technology products since 2015. We have been working with multiple clients on various projects and we have also worked with some big brands in designing great user experiences and other innovative solutions. 

Mobile Software developers

When we started out, people didn’t really realize that designers could do stuff like software developers or web developers, but we just like to think that we can change any aspect of our life by using the latest technologies. In short, we aim to help you to make more time for yourself and we do it by creating digital experiences that are easy to understand and use. To keep this work exciting, there will be many innovations and features coming soon!

The way we think about how we work is very different from most designers and UX professionals. The way we see things isn’t “ideological” but rather “functional”. Our core values and beliefs are all about simplicity and efficiency and they help us to focus on what matters most. 

It’s about understanding that everything that has to do with the development of any service or product, should be done through functional code (we are trying to avoid having many different types), minimalism with transparency, flexibility for adjusting or changing any particular part of the system or module when necessary and high performance for faster response times.

Since I come from a design background myself and my father used to create websites, I believe that creating amazing UX and UI components and then looking for something else after for the next project is not only important, it is a way to grow in knowledge! So, we love being here at LUX and I am glad that we got a good position in such a fast-paced sector. 

Now, I would like to introduce to you a couple of teams and what they will look like in the future. As you see, both teams have similar names, but each team consists of different skills and abilities. Let me give you two examples of teams that have already formed.

Project Manager Team

The first team that I am talking about today is called Project Manager. This team is currently doing business growth for several large enterprises and they are responsible to manage many long-term projects for them. Most of the projects are related to strategy, digital strategy, product-market fit, and other aspects of strategic management. They also deal with various projects across different departments and have a lot to handle on a daily basis, which is why they enjoy spending a considerable amount of time planning and organizing the entire process. 

A key point in choosing staff for this team is that one should be familiar with the processes and be able to lead discussions on where things stand next, or what improvements or updates are required to get to the end of the process. Their main functions are making sure the right goals are attained for every specific project.

These goals can include revenue targets, KPIs etc. This team was recently joined by another project manager and we’ve already seen the outcome of their work, with its major objective to achieve the highest level of communication across the entire organization. That is exactly what makes this team uniquely set and makes them very successful and they will be continuing their work in the future.

They mainly focus on managing long-term projects so they won’t focus on short-term issues. However, I wouldn’t say that they are not happy about a certain job or assignment because they are getting paid well for those, they just enjoy the whole process.

Project Leader

The second team is also called Project leader and it is the team behind the famous mobile applications designed by M.I.T., ios developers, and Android designers. They are responsible for developing advanced UX solutions for mobile apps and developing the overall app. This team is quite small, though it is still growing fast. 

They were founded on the principle of “quality over quantity” which means that they are focused on creating great apps for everyone to use. And that is why their work is very creative. Some project leaders are actually a bit lazy, but I am glad that the majority of them work hard to keep this team stable and continue to develop new ideas. 

You can expect to see much better results in the future. Their work will look like an entirely new form and I hope that they will be doing so.

I hope that these two teams will continue doing amazing work in the future and I am excited to see what the rest of the teams will bring to the table. Thanks for reading my post, and stay tuned!!

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