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What Factors Do You Need to Remember While Creating Car Parking Signs?

If you have rules in a specific location, you need to inform people about the rules or they won’t make any sense. Signage is one of the most important factors you need to consider if you’re planning to achieve great car park management. With the help of car parking signs, you will be able to notify the drivers regarding specific terms as well as conditions that will improve usage, enhance revenue, and reduce problems associated with irrelevant parking. Car parking signs allow the drivers to understand the specific terms and conditions of the road. This way they will be able to take proper steps from the start. 

However, choosing the perfect car parking signs that will fulfill your requirements is easier said than done. You need to consider many essential things so that you can create the best car parking signage. Continue reading the article to know the important things that you should consider while creating car parking signs. 

Signs Need to Be Large 

When you’re choosing the best car parking sign make sure it’s not only easy to interpret but also big enough so that people can see and read the content properly. The car parking signs that you’re choosing need to be at least 450 mm x 450 mm. Not to mention, drivers coming from both sides should be able to read the signs. You also need to consider the placement of the car parking signs. It’s best if you place them near the entrance of the site so that you can let the driver know about specific terms and regulations beforehand. Don’t forget to place enough car parking signs around your property so that people don’t end up skipping them mistakenly. 

Include Restrictions and Directions 

Apart from the essential restrictions, you also need to include different pieces of strong directional information if you want your car parking signs to prove effective for car parking management. As per Iotomation, parking management solutions are important. It doesn’t matter what type of directional information you include, make sure they are relevant as well as informative. You can also showcase the promotional factors of your business in your car parking signs. Many business owners include car parking signs in their promotional campaigns so that they can advertise the brand and offerings of their company. 

Make Sure You’re Not Hiding Your Identity 

If you’re using the car parking signs as a promotional aspect of your business, you need to ensure that you’re including relevant pieces of business information in the signage. Drivers won’t be able to engage with your brand if they are unaware of your company, especially when they are facing some sort of enforcement action. Therefore, make sure you’re not overcomplicating the situation by hiding your identity from the drivers. If you’re identifying vehicles by using ANPR cameras, you need to let the drivers know about the cameras. You also need to let the drivers know that you’re collecting their data. 


These are the factors you should remember while creating car parking signs. Make sure you contact us if you want the best car parking signs. 

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