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what is deshabu details about it:


The word Deshabu has been derived from the two words, ‘design’ and ‘habitat’. It is a platform that offers, “Designers and Architects an all-inclusive environment to create their own, customized and ideal habitat”.

Deshabu was created by a team of designers and architects who wanted to offer the world something new something more than just a house. They wanted to offer an entire lifestyle that makes you feel like you are living in your own home.

we will be talking about the details of deshabu.

Deshabu is a home decor store in Japan that uses an AI writer to help with the business. The AI writer was developed by a company called Entry Point Consulting and it is used to generate descriptions for all items sold on the site.

Deshabu Allow digital Identity:

Deshabu is a digital identity that allows users to get authenticated quickly in their digital environment. This helps them access financial and other services such as bank loans and pensions much faster.

This measure is necessary to curb the menace of identity theft. As the number of online transactions increases, people are constantly at risk of getting their data stolen while they complete online applications. The deshabu service will be a secure and reliable platform for users where they can get authenticated in a shorter span of time than it would take with traditional methods.

Bank Account Hacking in India:

In India, there has been an increase in the number of cases reported by different banks on account hacking and data thefts which have led to losses worth millions of rupees every year from 2011-2012. With such incidents on a rise, the deshabu

Deshabu is a data-driven HMM to extract meaning from natural language in order to identify a variety of social, emotional, or contextual information.

HMM stands for Hidden Markov Model and is a machine learning algorithm that has been around for quite some time now.

It is mainly used for modeling sequences of discrete items, but it can be applied to processing strings of text too.


It works by breaking the sequence into smaller units and assigning probabilities to each unit. It then tries to find the most probable sequence of units using the given probability distributions.The results can be visualized as graphs, with nodes representing each state and edges denoting transitions between states.

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