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What Is The Onset Time For Different THC O Products?

Humans are curious creatures and always want something new, and our thirst for wanting more,
knowing more, and having more keeps us going through this life. Be it our food, clothes,
gadgets, or everything else; we like to have options and varieties. It is what leads to various
research, experiments, and inventions. The same principle applies to cannabis users, who are
always keen on experimenting with new compounds and products. Of course, many users stick to
their traditional products and are loyal to them, but many others are curious about the
experiences of different compounds.
The legalization of hemp by Farm Bill 2018 was a significant development in the cannabis
industry after years of differentiation of CBD and THC. Cannabis users are keen on trying new
cannabis more than ever before, and the legalization opened doors for researchers and scientists
to discover more such compounds. These compounds keep making headlines now and then for
one or the other development in this field. THC and CBD were the only popular compounds for
years, and most products consist of these two compounds. But now, the market dynamics are
changing because many new cannabis products are entering the market with their unique
characteristics and experience. In this writing, we will read about one relatively new compound,
i.e., THC O, and how much time it takes to show its effects.

Know About THC-O

THC-O acetate is an artificial chemical twin of tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC.
Compounds like CBD and CBN are present naturally and derived directly from hemp, but it is a
non-natural cannabinoid, which means it is not present naturally. There are various processes
involved in manufacturing THC-O. Some of the steps of extracting THC-O are dangerous
because acetic anhydride is an important chemical used in this process, which is highly
flammable. This inflammability makes this process risky, and you should not try it without the
supervision of an expert.
The process starts with extracting Delta-8 THC from hemp, and then Delta-8 molecules are
combined with acetic anhydride to form THC-O. Many users shared that it is highly potent and
has strong effects compared to other compounds. Another property is that it has more of a
spiritual tone attached to the experience. Another property of this compound is that it is a
prodrug which means the compound stays biologically inactive until the body metabolizes it.
Some common feelings that users experience from this compound are body high, buzz, extreme
joy, consciousness expansion, relaxation, etc. Though not much information is there about its
benefits, many users shared that it may have the following benefits1. It may help relieve body pain and chronic pain.

  1. It may also be effective in managing appetite.
  2. The compound has relaxing effects, so it may help manage anxiety symptoms.
    Before you use this compound, it is crucial to be aware of its legality to avoid legal trouble.
    Generally, all hemp products and their derivatives were legalized by Farm Bill 2018, with the
    only condition being that they contain less than 0.3% THC. Many states keep THC-O products in
    the legal basket, but several states do not consider synthetically formulated cannabis legally. So,
    it may fall under a gray area, and you must check with the laws of your place.
  3. Different THC-O Products
    Like other cannabis, THC-O also has a whole range of products so that a user can pick the
    product best suited for their needs. Various sellers are selling these products online and offline,
    and you may pick the best one after reading the labels thoroughly. Some popular THC-O
    products are vapes, which come in different flavors, oils, gummies, etc. Most of the products
    have more or less the same effects; the only difference is the mode of consuming the compound.
    For example, gummies go directly to your digestive system, while vapes involve inhaling.

Onset Time For THC-O Products

The onset time of a cannabis product is one of the deciding factors for a user because it can make
or break the whole experience. Of course, needs vary from user to user; some want an instant
high while others desire long relaxation. But, in general, THC-O takes longer than other
compounds to show its effects.
Most users experience body buzz, high, spiritual and consciousness expansion, calmness, etc.,
but these effects can be subjective depending on various factors. Effects of THC-O may take
some time to show, but they are stronger as THC-O is almost three times more potent than
regular cannabis.
Some factors on which the onset time of THC-O product depends are-

  1. Type Of Product
    The mode of taking the compound decides its onset period, so different products may have
    unique times. For example, THC-O tinctures show their effects after almost 45 minutes, while
    vapes may show their results after 20 minutes. Gummies may have lighter effects that come up
    after 30 minutes. Most THC-O products take around 20 to 30 minutes to make a user feel the
    experience. Products like vaping can take less time due to the fumes readily acting with the
    neural receptors inside the brain.
  2. Dosage
    Very high dosage may result in a quicker onset period, while a low dosage may take even more
    time to show effects. The quantity of intake should be strictly monitored as it can affect the
    person’s metabolism. Addiction can also cause severe side effects on the consumer, like
    headache, nausea, and many others. Therefore, one should always get a consultation from a
    health expert before increasing their daily dose.
  3. User Profile
    Each body has unique properties, so the compounds react differently with everyone. For
    example, a habitual user may not even feel mild effects and take longer to get high, while a new
    user may get high in a shorter span. Likewise, some people may take longer to activate it in their
    bodies, while others may do the same in a shorter span.
    As it is a newer compound in the industry, there is a lot of confusion and questions surrounding
    the same. One of the risks associated with this compound is overdosage because it may have side
    effects like hallucinations, dizziness, seizures, etc. Most users tend to overdose on this because
    the onset period is long, and they misinterpret it. It is crucial to understand that it may take
    longer to show its effects, but that is strong, so you must deal with it patiently and wait for the
    high to kick in. You may have an enjoyable experience by being a little more aware of the
    properties of such new compounds.

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