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What makes men’s heart condition at an early age?

If someone asks you about the one organ in the body you feel is most significant. Well, there is no single answer because every organ is significant and has its own function. But if consider the most vulnerable ones, the heart is surely on the top of the list. The heart has many functions in the body from pumping blood to the entire body from head to toe to distributing the hormones and essential nutrients, it does a lot of work. But men don’t care about it so much, and maybe that is the reason men are the majority of patients with heart disorders.

This does not give clearance to women, that their heart is super-healthy. It is just a comparison of the majority and what the statistics say. Heart disorder is extremely critical because any minor issue will put the life of the person at risk. This is why you would see that a man is not allowed to take Cenforce 100 mg and Fildena 100 mg if they are heart patient. Doctors don’t want to put the life of the person at risk as any side effect of the drug can worsen the heart problem.

But the situation as time passes is not improving rather it is becoming worse and more troublesome. Men are becoming heart patients at a very early age, in their 30s and 40s. This is not just bad but an alarming situation for the whole society to introspect as to what is wrong. In this article, we shall discuss such reasons that make men’s heart condition poor at an early age.

Bad choice of food

The food consumed not just provides nutrients but it determines the overall health of the body and mind. The mental space, digestive system, efficiency, heart health, liver, kidney and all other aspects of health are influenced by the food consumed. Hence, it is necessary to make decisions about what to eat and whatnot. But nobody really cares about food in such depth, they just eat what they like. And maybe this is the reason men are found suffering from a poor heart at an early age.

You can see yourself, how crazy teenagers and kids are for burgers, pizza, pasta and such items. The companies are in profit but not the men eating them. These meals if taken in considerable quantities daily lead to a layer of fat around the heart. Hence, the pumped blood from the heart is obstructed by the layer of fat which leads to organs receiving less blood. The organs thus become less efficient and the overall metabolism of the body decreased.

Then heart pumps faster to fulfil the need for organs, which leads to high blood pressure and hypertension. Had the layer of fat been not present the blood flow would have been smooth and the heart need not pump faster?


This is a word that is universal and available in everyone’s life. No one can say that he is devoid of stress. The intensity and type of stress may differ but it is surely present. For example, a student may be stressed about the upcoming exam results whereas a father may be worried about the future of their children. So, it varies but it remains. So, what should we do? Get depressed? No, we must manage stress skillfully so that it does not interfere with our work and personal life.

Too much stress, anger and anxiety are bad for your heart as it stops or reduces the blood flow to the heart. Thus, the heart pumps less blood and the body becomes weak while the person feels unconscious. Hence, men with short temper are at greater risk of cardiac attack.

Stress if not released, it gets accumulated and piled up. A time comes when no more accumulation is possible, it then results in heart problems, Erectile Dysfunction, sleep cycle damage etc. And nowadays getting stressed is not a big thing, the environment is such that even young men are stressed. This is giving rise to the consumption of pills like Vidalista 20 from Powpills.

Being lazy

It’s time for you to physically work out if you care for your heart. You may be doing a desk job and earning a big package, but take time and go out in the park, run a few kilometres, stretch your body and come back. All it will take is less than 1 hour per day but this will solve all the heart problems and prevent any upcoming issues also. But unfortunately, men are not doing this. Young men also behave like old ones, during free time they watch Netflix and such lazy stuff. Going out seems unnecessary and lazy to them.

When your work out, the heart pumps more blood to the body because the demand has increased. Breathing fastens and the lungs also throw out air quickly. This improves blood circulation and burns fats around the heart to help function it freely. After resting, the muscles of the heart restructure and turns hard. Hence, gradually regular workouts increased the efficiency of the heart. This is why you would observe that athletes usually have a higher heart rate than normal people even when they are not running.  

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