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Give Your Fashionable Look a Spin with a Hat That Fits Every Outfit Idea!

Fedora hats have a long history dating back decades ago.  But today, this iconic piece of headwear is more fashionable than its predecessors.  In the past, fedora hat outfits had restrictions on style.  It’s not the fault of the wearers, though.  The fashion rules were such that one couldn’t exercise much freedom.  They needed to follow the norms to not look like an outcast among their social peers. 

However, to be fashionable in this contemporary society requires a little more flexibility regarding what you wear with a fedora.  Taking advantage of such versatility in what one can choose from certainly offers plenty of options to experiment with and apply.  Hence, finding your favorite option might be easier than you imagined when you think of adding a fedora to your style.

Because the fedora hat women is as classic as versatile, it will not be fair to visualize your fashion wardrobe linearly.  The possibilities are endless; hence, you must think of different looks you can carve with this hat.  Here are some cues to help you figure them out one after another.

Vintage look

The fedora should be the crown to your costume.  After all, it pairs well with vintage and almost any clothing style pretty well.  There is something for everyone in vintage clothing if you know where to look.  Whether you’re going with the ultra-feminine look from the 1930s or a more subtly provocative style from the 1980s, your outfit won’t need much in terms of accessories.  The hat will be more than enough in most cases.

You have many options for choosing clothing that resembles those worn in older decades.  For instance, you can borrow elements like puffy sleeves and a bolero jacket from the 30s.  Or, you can add some unconventional aspects by pairing bell-bottom jeans with a form-fitting top reminiscent of the 60s. If you wish to emulate what has historically been old-fashioned and dress down, try wearing knee-high boots paired with jeans for an edgy look that is on-trend today.

As it’s the vintage look in the discussion, classic fedoras usually feature ribbon trimming.  You can incorporate the modern versions that feature bow-style hatbands to replicate this.  If you like the idea of popping colors, then rhino or cinnamon hats can provide that perfect touch. Of course, the decision ultimately rests with the base color of your clothing.  But it’s good to keep these angles in mind.

Sexy appeal

A fedora will bring out your inner-city girl charm and let you turn some heads while on the go!  Consider wearing your hat angled or tilted to one side, though.  It will create a playful effect that might work well for your personality.  Go for an outfit in shades of brown or black with some lace details – these are sure to complement either a leather or tweed look during going out at night. Adding a top with a plunging neckline can also be favorable. Next, experiment with different outfits such as fashionable one-shoulder tops, spaghetti strap blouses, and evening pantsuits – any of these can help you transform into an urban diva.  Essentially, you can get this look right with anything, such as pants, short skirts, shirts, suits, etc.

Trendy fashion

When deciding what to throw on with your hat, you should take some time and figure out which season you’re preparing for, as several trends would be more fitting for one over the other.  For instance, keeping your items minimalistic and breezy is crucial when dressing up for the summer seasons.  If you have any fedora hat lying around, make sure it matches well with your chosen attire.  While black, cream, and tan are the safer options, you can go bold with something in red or orange.  However, with these last two hat colors, you will like to keep your dress plain to avoid overdoing your look.

Outdoorsy outfit

If you are searching for a hat that will keep your head cool and protect it from the elements while looking stylish, fedoras made of felt and straw materials are there to entertain your needs.  Even Panama hats are also there.  They’re fun to wear to enjoy the sunshine.  You’ll find many summer events where wearing one is appropriate – especially horse races since they protect you from sun and rain.  A Panama hat is also perfect for such occasions, but you can wear it by the swimming pool or at the beach as well.

There’s no doubt that fedora hats are having a moment.  Once relegated to the realm of grandfathers and old-time Hollywood stars, the classic style is now finding love and acceptance from fashion-savvy women of all ages.  And why not?  Fedora hats are chic, sophisticated, and flattering, not to mention a great way to protect your head from the sun. 

Whether you’re looking for a casual summertime hat or a dressy option for a wedding or other special event, there’s a fedora hat out there to suit your style.  Go for a black or brown felt hat with a simple ribbon band for a more classic look.  Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try a colorful option with a bold pattern.

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