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Infome Technologies LLC

Passing many milestones and achieving hearts of many, Infome technologies LLC has become one of the leading providers of IT products in UAE. For the past few years we have been working hard to provide the best IT products. We have enlarged our service to countries such as Dubai, Africa and the Middle East. Our team always strives to serve you with the top, advantageous, inventive and cutting-edge technology and solutions. Infome Technologies is the one-stop destination for the best-in-class range of products such as ID Card printers, ID Card Accessories, Time Attendance & Access Control Systems, Server & Storages, Networking, PBX & Telephone Systems, Smart cards, Card Readers, Software Products, Android System Sunmi and POS Systems. We are the solution for all your IT requirements. Your search for the best end-to-end solutions in Identification, Biometrics, Security and IT will surely end here as we serve you with the best-in-class range of products at the best price.

Infome Technologies’ subsidiary division also serves you by distributing, wholesaling, retailing, trading and supplying Point of Sale hardware machines- touch screens, POS applications, POS system SUNMI, receipt printers, barcode printers, barcode scanners, barcode labels & ribbons, eas & anti theft system, ticket and id badge, mobile computers, thermal printers, ID cards, paging system and portable mobile printers.

Servers & Storages

If you are looking for the suitable server and storage system for your enterprise at affordable rates, Infome is the right place to be. We offer you high performance, affordable and robust Server and Storage Systems for every enterprise purpose. We serve thousands of customers with our best end-to-end technology services to design, build and manage a flexible IT environment. Being the leading suppliers of servers and storage systems in UAE, we are the authorized partner of top brands such as Dell, HP and Lenovo. We offer the best servers of these top brands and storage systems of higher brands such as Synology and Qnap without compromising on the quality of products.

ID Card Printers

ID Cards have become an identity of every sector. To print a good ID Card, the first step is to choose the right and best ID Card Printer. Moreover, you need to determine your specific requirements. Infome offers an array of different ID Card Printers to meet any needs of card printing. You can choose the right ID Card Printers in Dubai which meet your needs from the major brands such as Fargo, Zebra, Magicard, Evolis, Entrust and Hiedi at reasonable prices.


Point Of Sale

POSINUAE is a branch of Infome Technologies to supply Point of sale solutions. It has a wide range of Point of Sale solutions for various types of applications. We provide an array of products such as Receipt printers, Barcode printers, Barcode scanners, Barcode labels & Ribbons, EAS & Anti theft system, Ticket and ID badge, Mobile computers, Thermal printers, ID cards, Paging system and Portable mobile printers. POSINUAE is a market leader in distributing, wholesaling, retailing, trading, and supplying Point of Sale hardware machines in UAE, Africa and the Middle East. You can choose your right POS systems from the major brands such as Sunmi, Tysso, PartnerTech etc.

Attendance & Access Control

Security is the prime thing of any organization. We help you to keep your home and office completely safe at all times with our comprehensive and flexible Access Control Software solution and Time Attendance System which are specifically designed to meet the access control needs of any organization, irrespective of its size, layout, locations and timings. Infome is the leading provider of biometric products and Attendance and Access Control in UAE, Africa and the Middle East. We provide you the highly reliable, accurate and rugged Attendance and Access Control Systems from the premium brands such as Suprema, Zkteco, CMITech, IDEMIA and Invixium at low prices.

Smart Cards & Card Readers

Infome is one of the major suppliers of Smart Cards, ID card printers and Card readers in UAE, Africa and the Middle East. You can choose the perfect smart card solutions for your purpose whether it is educational institutions or any other organizations. We supply all ranges of HID Cards, Standard Proximity Cards, contact or contactless cards and pre Printer cards products.

Networking & Security

We have passed many milestones in being a trustworthy provider of Networking and Security products. Infome supplies the best and high quality Networking and Security solutions at affordable rates from the top brands such as Aruba, Sonicwall and Fortinet. We are the authorized partners of Aruba. We believe in the satisfaction of our customers and that is why we became the leading providers of Networking products and firewalls in UAE, Africa and the Middle East. If you need clarification about any products, our experts will provide you the best customer support and services.

PBX & Telephone

Communication is one of the basics of the sustainability of an organization. Infome offers a wide variety of PBX and Telephone systems for a better way to communicate. We are one of the leading suppliers of PBX and Telephone Systems in UAE, Africa and the Middle East. We provide best and high class PBX and Telephone systems for all kinds of purposes at affordable prices from the major brands such as AVAYA, Panasonic, and Yeastar.

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