Treating Autism: Benefits Of Vitamins And Minerals


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a kind of developmental disorder that is generally found in children. It is also a brain disorder that leads them to a different category than normal children

In this type of case, the children mostly suffer from brain infection and inflammation. This works as a slow poison to the children, and there is no proper cure, but there are several ways to manage autistic children. 

The disease is totally related to the nutritional aspects of the human body. When your child lacks nutrition, autism can occur more prominently and can lead to a total dysfunction of the brain after a certain point in time. 

So, the concern of this study is to find out the main causes of autism and how it can be treated better. However, as it is related to the lack of nutrition in children, we will need to find out the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for treating autistic children. 

If you want a cure to some disease, you will need to focus on the problem first, and here the problem is the lack of vitamins and minerals so far.

An autistic child can only be treated with the natural flow of vitamins and minerals in his or her body. Therefore, let’s find out the key vitamins and minerals that are lacking in an autistic child’s body. 

  • Iron
  • Folate 
  • Omega-3s
  • Vitamin B12, A, D, C
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc 
  • Calcium

These are the vitals that are lacking in an autistic child. Due to the sensitivity issues of these children, they tend to follow a low-quality diet, and they lack these key vitamins and minerals. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Autism In Children? 

Being parents of autistic children is quite difficult. Handing these children is quite impossible because they are too sensitive to various issues. They fear a lot and have anxiety purposes. You cannot force them a lot because that does not work well for them. 

If you think that you are going to force a proper diet and manage the diet on children, you are probably taking it wholly wrong. In that case, they may react quite differently than you would have expected.

So, it’s better to go with a plan and manage their diet properly. Before all that, you need to be aware of their key symptoms:

  • They are very sensitive to sensors like light and noise.
  • Generally, they tend to avoid eye contact.
  • They possess repetitive behavior like flipping fingers, flapping hands, twirling hair, or sucking their thumbs. 
  • They significantly lack communication and interaction. 

Moreover, they get annoyed and frustrated pretty easily. At night times, you will find them to be disappointed more often.

Treating Autism With The Best Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

Let’s find out the key benefits of vitamin and mineral spectrum supplements in autism:

1. Vitamin D

You cannot simply ignore Vitamin D from the diet of these children. This vitamin is very crucial to maintain neurotransmitters of the brain. Moreover, this vitamin creates new brain connections and helps the autistic child to connect with people, and also gives a better response. 

2. Omega- 3/Fish Oil

For the health of your brain and eyes, there is no better mineral than Omega- 3 fatty acids. You can find them in fish oils like cod. Most of the part of our brain is made of fat, and these fatty acids can add important fat to the brain. So the children will get particular nutrients from fish oil. 

3. Melatonin

You will find autistic children with sleep disorders and insomnia as well. Melatonin adds important hormones to manage and schedule a proper sleep cycle. Autistic children will be healthy if they maintain a power diet and sleep. 

4. Vitamin B6 And Magnesium

Magnesium is a crucial nutrient that works for the development of brain cells and muscle strength. On the other hand, Vitamin B6 is a multivitamin to ensure proper biological processes in autistic children. 

5. Sulforaphane

It is a natural compound found in vegetables and especially in broccoli sprouts. We often see that autistic children often feel seek due to their irregular diet and lack of nutrition. Broccoli sprout extract can help to refrain the body from getting a fever. 

Include Proper Vitamins And Minerals In The Diet

Do not try to force your child to consume food that they do not want to eat. Rather follow unconventional processes and also include food supplements to include enough vitamins and minerals in their diet. 

Plan properly and engage with them more and allow them the time they need to consume food. 

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