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Why Opt For Perfect Bound Book Printing?

If you are looking for the most popular and commonly used softcover bookbinding technique, your search ends at perfect bound book printing. Printers using this binding method glue together the book’s cover and pages at the spine with a flexible yet strong thermal glue. Next, the book’s other three sides are trimmed to give it the perfect, clean edges. That’s how your paperback books or softcover books come into existence.

Several softcover books that sit pretty atop the bookstore shelves are good examples of what perfect bound books look like. The spine and cover of these books are usually crafted using paper stock heavier than the interior pages. Often, the cover is clear coated to enhance the appearance and provide durability.

Several organizations and businesses use perfect-bound book printing services for different purposes, right from corporate reports, catalogs, and manuals to thicker products like magazines and brochures. If you aren’t sure why you should opt for perfect bound book printing services, here are four key reasons to help you decide.

1.      They Are Relatively Affordable

Though perfect bound book printing offers multiple compelling benefits, the most important among all is its affordability. Compared to hardcover binding methods, perfect bound books are more cost-effective.

Additionally, you can use perfect bound book printing services for relatively smaller print runs, which will let you create high-quality printed products even on a stringent budget. As they are suitable for smaller print runs, they are a great candidate for on-demand printing. This is an incredible benefit for cost-conscious organizations and businesses.

2.      They Have an Eye-Catching Finish

Perfect bound book printing provides you with a professional, clean, and stunning finish. The square finish makes your manuals, magazines, and books look great. Perfect binding forms a square and flat spinal edge with space, which can be printed upon. As a result, you can use it to print information, such as the name of the book and its author.

Such information appearing on the spine makes it easier for viewers to locate what they are looking for quickly. With saddle stitch or spiral bound printing, you wouldn’t get printing space on the spine. 

3.      They Are Flexible

Perfect bound book printing services are flexible. They are a popular choice for fiction books across different genres, such as mystery, romance, and fantasy. But their popularity doesn’t end here. Several creative non-fiction products too use such services.

They include business books, annual reports, manuals, graphic novels, and children’s literature. Perfect binding is flexible enough to be used in diverse cases. From a catalog with a few hundred pages to a 32-page magazine or a 700-page bestseller, you can use perfect bound book printing services for all of them.

Usually, perfect bound book printing services aren’t recommended if the thickness of your book or magazine’s spine is less than 4 millimeters, as it won’t provide adequate surface area for the glue to stick to.

4.      They Offer Multiple Choices for Sizes and Paper Stock

You can choose from a wide variety of sizes for your perfect bound book. Your perfect bound book printing services could offer sizes like A4 portrait, A5 portrait, landscape, 210 x 210 mm, 1/3 A4 portrait, etc. For the interior pages, you could choose from glossy, silk, or uncoated paper stocks with varied weights, typically ranging from 100 – 150 gsm.

Glossy pages have an extremely smooth finish with a shiny surface and let the colors stand out well. Silk coated pages offer outstanding ink-to-paper contrast with a distinct surface sheen and a smooth feel. Since the ink on such pages dries quickly, there’s not much need for lamination. Pages made of absorbent uncoated paper have a soft finish and make the printed ink seem flatter.

5.      They Stack Well

Books, magazines, manuals, etc. that are created with perfect bound book printing services stack well because they are “perfectly” trimmed to have even, sharp edges. As a result, they look sleek and professional and are pretty lightweight as well.

Can’t Find Competent Perfect Bound Book Printing Services?

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